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About Me


Originally hailing from Juneau, Alaska, I've been living in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years now. The Pacific Northwest is solidly embedded in my blood to the point I start to miss the rain after a few weeks of sun.

Several years into a cushy career with the government, repairing electronics, I decided to take the leap in going back to school to pursue my passion for filmmaking. I opted to focus on the visual effects end of things, because...explosions and blood spurts and fun shit like that.

After school, I landed at Red Giant (now Maxon), a software company that makes tools for filmmakers and VFX artists. I now spend my days helping to develop the products that I myself use in making my film projects. Not only is it my dream job, but it also allows me to pick up fun side projects.

Having always had a strong relationship with music and a desire to be able to say "I'm with the band", I now get my creative release making music videos. My aim is to provide a level of video production otherwise out of reach for local independent artists trying to make a name for themselves and to make some really cool stuff I'm proud of.


These numbers are suggested rates to give an idea but I'm fairly flexible depending on your means. I'm also open to setting up payment plans if needed.


The starting price is based on a single location shoot with basic lighting, shooting several angles, and little to no visual effects work. The cost will increase with the complexity of the concept but we can discuss and fine-tune what works for everyone.

Solo Artists - Starting at $400

Bands/Ensembles - Starting at $700

Lyric Videos - Starting at $400

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