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From Nate's Kitchen

Come for the spicy pesto; stay for the sweet videos.

Enhabit: the non-profit that helps homes work better


The lovely people at Enhabit asked me to shoot this promo video for their organization, highlighting the customer experience in using their services. It was a true education on the possibilities of upgrading an older home to be safer, more comfortable, and more efficient with the benefit of having an organization dedicated to guiding you through the process and verifying all work is completed as agreed.


Check them out at

Blazer Dancers Profile: Kate


I got to edit this piece for the Blazers. It was very cool to get an inside look at the life of the dancers and how hard they work to learn all of those dances while balancing work, school, and personal lives.


Go Rip City!!!

Johnson Creek Park: Experience the Magic


This was a fun little project to play around with the camera, various tracking techniques, CG integration, and of course a little pixie dust.


Music:"RetroFuture Clean" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution


I challenge you to not get that sweet, funky tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Foothills Yarn & Fiber and Cascade Alpacas


I edited this piece for the wonderful folks at Xplore Film. Alpacas are my new favorite animal (after my sweet, beautiful puppies, of course). I definitely want to go visit this ranch now.

Rogue Valley Zipline Adventure

Southern Oregon


Another adventure with Xplore Film. I had a lot of fun editing this one and, despite my fear of heights, I totally want to try this zip line course...even the quarter-mile-long one.

Buried as Thieves "Outlaw"

Song-Release Trailer


I was thrilled for the opportunity to create this song-release trailer for the kickass band, Buried as Thieves. "Something gritty and eye-catching" was the only request. You be the judge. Created almost entirely in Cinema 4D. Composited and edited in After Effects.


You can check out Buried as Thieves and pick up their music on facebook.

And on their website.

Original artwork for the song by David Lyon

Riverpool - Demon Hunts Again (Lyric Video)

Created almost entirely in After Effects, this graphic lyric video for the band Riverpool uses motion graphics and kinetic typography to bring stimulating visuals to the rhythm of the music. Existing album art and concert posters from the band influenced the visual tone of the video and assured brand consistency.


Check them out on facebook.

Maintenance Required


This Art Institute of Portland animated production involved dozens of artists working for over a year. I was fortunate to be able to join the effort at the rendering and compositing stage. As one of three VFX students on the project, I handled a significant portion of the compositing and effects, as well as guiding students of other disciplines through basic compositing procedures in order to develop an assembly line style workflow.

Portland Parks Foundation - Parke Diem

This is a promotional video Portland Parks Foundation asked me to make for their annual city-wide event, Parke Diem. My team of helpers and I traveled to 13 locations around Portland over two days to capture photos, time lapse, and video. The final piece was screened during the 2014 Movies in the Park season in Portland, OR to a total audience of appoximately 50,000 people over the course of the summer. The number of dogs in attendance is unknown. There were 167 squirrels.

Alien Parasite w/breakdown

Based on a tutorial by Andy Lefton, this effect involved creating an animated 3D asset in Cinema 4D with cloth simulation, sweep nurbs, and custom textures. Tracking was accomplished using Mocha AE planar tracker and all compositing done in After Effects.

Puget Sound - Timelapse


Timelapse has been one of my growing interests over the past few years. This video is the result of a trip I took to the Puget Sound area with the express purpose of finding interesting timelapse opportunities.

Parke Diem Alternate Intro


This was my original idea for the intro to the Parke Diem video I made for Portland Parks Foundation. While it didn't make the final cut, I felt it was still worth sharing.
Created with a GoPro, After Effects, and Cinema4D.

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